My Selfish Post

by dcshelton

May our hearts become hearts melted for God by lives of action to do something sacrficial!

AFM Ministry's Bys Family

This is a totally selfish post, but I feel like I need to reach out and ask for more specific prayers.

Earlier this week I posted a photo on my Facebook of a very small pencil and yellow crayon in a 4 year old’s hand. This sweet little girl attends Mercy Foundation Academy across the street from Mercy Children’s Home. On that day we were just hanging out in the office at the school and she had come in to see us. She pulled out her book to show us how she could write and color. I saw her writing on the paper, but didn’t see her pencil, upon further investigation I saw just how tiny her pencil was. Then she showed us how she could color…she sat her dot of a crayon on the paper and pushed it back and forth with her finger. In a very unexpected way…

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