Pry Our Fingers Again

by dcshelton


Ryan David Shelton


Father in Heaven,

 Once again, we hear the offer of your free grace extended to broken people,
      And once again, we stand in wonder and amazement.
Lord, if we are honest, sometimes your grace makes us uncomfortable,
     Because more than anything we want to have some role in our salvation.

 So remind us again, Holy Spirit, that the blood of Jesus cannot be purchased,
    Renew us in the wonder of completely unearned, unsought, undesired mercy and love,
That didn’t just throw us a life-saver when we were drowning,
     But dragged our dead and lifeless corpse from the bottom of the sea, and made us alive in Christ.

 Pry our fingers from our good works once again,
    So we can cling only to the cross of Jesus.

(From the Winnetka Bible Church liturgy for July 16, 2017.)

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