Why am I here?

God has given every human a “voice” in which you can fulfill your created destiny to either be one who reflects the glory of Christ as Lord, or who tarnishes it.  I choose to reflect his glory, out of immense gratitude and love for what God has done for me. While I was still his enemy he saved me. Why?  I do not know, but He did. He choose to love me, as he chooses to love many and saves them also. God has made only one provision through Jesus the Messiah. God has also made clear that he will not bear with the defilement of his glory forever, but will destroy it and those who create it in fire, so we have double reason to turn to him.

All humans are fallen from God and his glory. This started with the first man when they chose to try to elevate themselves into the position of God. As God promised they would die the day they ate of the forbidden tree, indeed they did die. Their physical bodies were banished from the tree of life that ensured renewal of their flesh and they began the processes of decay just like the cosmos around them, and more seriously their spirits within them died as they were then separated from the living water of God’s Spirit.  Yet God did not give up on us. This did not take him by surprise. He set all things in place for us to make that bad decision. This all fit into his plan to orchestrate the most amazing display of his endless love and divine glory like all of heaven  and the Universe had never seen to that date. Yes, our fall from grace will ultimately glorify God. Because God planned to demonstrate his eternal love on us and make us one with him.  God all along planned to send a Redeemer, a Savior, and this would be God himself, through sending one of his triune personality to become flesh and dwell among us, the eternal Son of God; to identify with us and then die for us paying the way for God’s holy justice and wrath over sin to be fulfilled. In doing so he shows us that He loves us enough to actually humble himself to our estate, and die for us.  Yet being God, He resurrected the human body of the Son of God and gave us evidence of his purpose and design for us humans who now can be atoned by his pure blood payment and have once again our dead spirits made alive by God the Holy Spirit! Yes by faith in Christ alone, we are freely given our original intended life and we get to learn dependance on God in our struggle over sin in this current life and see the glorious benefit of what Faith in God can do. Now in us who put our faith in Christ Jesus the Son of God, we have hope without end! Experiencing this joy of his Spirit in me and knowing this great God who loves me so dearly, I now have designed purpose as I live for him bringing more people to walk in his light and reflect his Glory!