Who Am I?


Pastor Daniel on left, me and pastor Norah on right on my first Uganda mission in 2011

My name is David Shelton, I am co-founder and now President of About-Face missions.  Married to my wife Angie about 30 years and father of 3 young adult children and grandfather of one toddler grandson. My mission in life is to glorify Christ in all that I do.  I am fully employed as a Field Technician in the health care industry which is a gift from God to help me afford the time and money to serve in as I do in my mission work.  My wife and I are both very blessed with great career jobs that pay well and help us be supporters of much gospel work throughout the world.  We do not ask people to support or do what we ourselves would not do.  We are heavily invested Spiritually, Physically, emotionally and financially in what About-Face Missions is all about.

AFM is my work and my passion. What I do for my career employer is my means to God’s ends.  To connect with me and get to know me personally, come connect with me on Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/David.C.Shelton  .  For years I resisted using Facebook because my life was busy enough without it, but as an online missionary with Global Media Outreach for several years, I found it a great way to connect with people whom the Lord led me to help disciple in Christ around the globe, so I started using it as primarily a ministry tool.  Today About-Face missions is in existence due to Facebook allowing my friend Jim Ball and I to connect and then to connect as coworkers of the Gospel and then with many other people including international brothers and sisters in Christ.  Through this medium our ministry was born.  Without the internet or Facebook, I dare say I would be doing international ministry at all, but obviously this was God’s plan all along and many many thousands of lives have been altered for eternity because I and many others have joined together have been willing to sacrifice much of our lives for the calling of the Lord to go and be his emissaries for Jesus.  Come and be a part of what God is doing. Today Jim has stepped out to focus solely on missions to unreached people groups, and AFM has taken in Jeff Bys to be vice-president and Marci Conley to be promotion manager.

It is an exciting thing to see how God can take ordinary regular people like Jeff, Jim, Marci and I and do so much amazing good around the world for our Lord Jesus and the good of our fellow man.

Here is our website link.   http://www.aboutfacemissions.com/  Feel free to ask me questions and find out how you can partner with us and be an eternal  life-changer.

My detailed testimony of God’s grace in my life. https://dcshelton.wordpress.com/my-story/

Before I started this wordpress blog, I used Facebook Notes as a sort of blogging place, so for some other topics of interest to me that I have written about please visit my notes here. https://www.facebook.com/David.C.Shelton/notes_my_notes