Who are we?

About-Face Missions is young ministry officially incorporated as AFM Ministry, Inc. in March of 2012 by David Shelton and Jim Ball in order to expand the missions calling that God had put upon our lives in which we had already been doing for some time,  but felt God wanted us to better develop our work to equip and involve more Christ followers to do likewise in pursing our corporate call to share the Gospel of Jesus all over the world, especially focusing on reaching the unreached people groups of the world.  To learn more about us please visit our website at http://www.aboutfacemissions.com/

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I also invite you to put your faith into action and allow us to help get you connected to one of our end ministries who God has prepared for you to support. Our goal is to connect indigenous workers of the Gospel in poor countries around the world who serve God faithfully on very little resources and yet are in a position to be real world changers if only a small amount of outside loving and regular support can be found to help them carry out their mission and work for the Lord. We serve the greater universal Church by helping connect the body of Christ in this way. By allowing us to get you involved in real ways financially you too become partners in God’s kingdom building work. We can do much more good for Christ if we all work together. Everyone cannot go, nor do we need everyone to go, but everyone can give. Even if only a few dollars a month. We serve God by caring for many orphans from Africa, India, Pakistan, Nepal to the Philippines.  As well we care for the poor, the sick and the indigent who are connected to our gospel outreach pastors and evangelists. Help us help them through donating on a regular basis and make a difference in a life…in many lives!  We invite you to come visit our donation page and sign up or ask questions on any creative ways you can take part. We are flexible and want to help you fulfill your calling to live for God also.  Here is our sign form page and donation page.  http://www.aboutfacemissions.com/Donate
We have also started a Christian school for the very poor children of western rural Kenyan children who have little hope in this life apart from your loving support. For  $10 a month you can change a life forever by providing Christian elementary education, 12 meals a week, medical care and Bible school . Considering sponsoring on of our needy children. So little money for so much good!  Come be a part. Here is the link to check out more. http://www.aboutfacemissions.com/AFM-school

To see a short video on some of our recent work, watch this.